Thursday Thirteen #20: 13 Things about 1908

For my second TT of 2008, I decided to research things which happened 100 years ago....

1. Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time--yay, love those homemade cards and breakfast in bed!

2. The first ever beauty pageant was held in England--boo, hate those swimsuits, pumps and phony smiles!

3. The Sixteenth Amendment to US Constitution (which authorizes the Federal government to collect income taxes) is ratified--boo again, hate those forms, and having to pay!

4. The Ford Model T was introduced--and the drive-in movie wasn't far behind! LOL

5. Women compete in the Olympics for the first time--yay--about time!

6. The Chicago Cubs win the World Series--and not again since?

7. British suffragettes begin their campaign to secure the vote for women--and 100 years later, a woman could win the presidency.

8. African American author Richard Wright was born.

9. Oldtime comedians Imogene Coca and Milton Berle were born.

10. The Grand Canyon was designated as a National Monument

11. Jack Johnson becomes the first African American heavyweight boxing champion.

12. The Wright brothers won awards for the longest flights up to that point--"coffee, tea or me?" came much later!

13. A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time--and I'll bet wasn't: "Can you hear me now?"

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that was cool! stuff that i learned but didn't remember...and, new stuff! thanks!
Nicholas said…
Nice list! I doubt that they wore swimsuits in that first beauty contest!
beth said…
We've come a long way in 100 years! Love your list. Very creative and informative!
{Karla} said…
What a great idea!

How amazing to see how far we've come in 100 years... esp. considering how little change had taken place prior to that.

It also still blows my mind that the 1900's were 100 years ago.

Happy T13
Interesting! What a year!

Here's to a fabulous 200*1
Haley-O said…
That's soo interesting! Thank you!