Out with the old....

On this last day of the year, it's time to get rid of:

Doubts: Am I really ready to have my work included in high-end galleries and exhibitions? Am I really ready to step up to that next level of shows?

Fears: When my work is rejected from the above, does it mean it's not good enough? Shouldn't I be doing more 'commercially acceptable' things? What exactly are those?

Ideas which didn't work: Nope, the show promoters we signed with early in the year, and for which we held out such hope didn't work. Not the right audience. Move on. Nope, not every African American venue is right, either. Live and learn. Move on.

Supplies I won't use: Hmmm, not sure that's really ever the case, but cleaning out is a good way to re-discover what I haven't used in quite awhile. Also a good idea starter!

Ways of thinking: a work in progress; need to cast off that which isn't positive, creative and self-affirming.

So, goodbye to 2007; it was a good year; one of change, growth and exploration...

more to come in 2008...'can't wait!