What gets you going?

My answer is: a deadline!

After canceling Festival Noir, I've been in limbo--not having the usual push toward getting ready for what's usually one of my best shows of the year. I've filled the time with teaching, even developing a new jewelry class, which has been fun, but has taken me away from my own work. As I've written, I've also been investigating new opportunities for my marketing myself and my work, but I haven't actually been doing any work.

Well, thanks to Google Alerts, I'm working now. Yesterday, I received an 'African American Art' alert about a small, local holiday bazaar at a museum this weekend. Since I've been feeling out of the whole holiday season buying frenzy (the cancellation looming large again), I sent an email to the show's contact person, asking if there was still space available. She answered, sent me the application, and voila, I'm doing a show on Saturday. I did do a bit of investigating; I called an artist friend who lives in the same town the show is in, to ask her opinion. She gave it a good review, so I decided to go ahead.

So, I will be one of four artists exhibiting and selling my work in the museum.

'Gotta get going now, I have clock faces in the oven, ready to be painted, and Saturday's just 5 days away.