Thursday Thirteen #14: Things I Won't Be Doing (Thanksgiving Edition)

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13 Things I Won't Be Doing (Thanksgiving Edition)

1. Cooking or eating turnips--in my family, we call them 'turn up your nose(s)'!

2. Serving full berry cranberry sauce--'gotta have that can-shaped "sauce"

3. Missing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade--some traditions must be honored

4. Missing pro football later in the day--ditto on #3's reason

5. Going to bed early so I can get up to shop--see below

6. Getting up at 4:00 to be at a 5:00am sale

7. Getting up at 5:00 to be first at the 6:00am sale

8. Getting up at 6:00 to be right there at the front of the line for the 7:00am sale

9. Participating in "Black Friday" frenzy at all--definitely for amateur shoppers; we veteran shoppers don't do 'doorbusters'!

10. Putting up Christmas decorations tomorrow--what, so I can have a dead tree on Christmas day? No thanks.

11. Serving cleverly disguised turkey leftovers all week--well, maybe a turkey calzone or two...

12. Making turkey soup--well, maybe next week...

13. Forgetting to count my blessings--I'm thankful for many things, and not on just one designated day of the year...Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Happy TT

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geek-betty said…
Happy thanksgiving :)
MomOnTheGo said…
Nice twist on the Thanksgiving theme.
jayedee said…
love your tt! hoping you have a wonderful thanksgiving full of blessings and good food!
damozel said…
Aha! But did you know that you can now buy the can-shaped sauce in the full berry version?

I so agree===Thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without a slice of ocean spray cranberry sauce.
Michelle B said…
I won't be doing 5-9 either! I still can't believe some stores in San Diego are opening at 4am tomorrow. It's just nuts!

Happy Thanksgiving:)
Linda R. Moore said…
LOL! I think we have a very similar philosophy about Thanksgiving and shopping. :)

Happy TT. I was involved in four TTs this week:
I fully agree with you on 5-9. One of the thrift stores here was open on Thanksgiving Afternoon.
I didn't go.
Nicholas said…
Nice. A different way to do a Thanksgiving list.
i am the diva said…
Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy TT!!

Being Canadian, this was the first year i ever really heard about "Black Friday". It's an odd day. People honestly get up at 4 to go shopping? That's insanity. Serious Consumer Driven Insanity... Why not have the stores open at 12:01 on Friday morning? lol. Why wait until 5?

Anyway, great list! Thanks for visiting my Suspicious Meme!
Great list! An outlet mall near us opened at midnight last night. Are those people nuts, or what???

Hope you got to sleep in today. Happy TT a day late!