Points of Connection...connecting to?

My points of connection list is done, now it's time to find the publications which will find my life and work interesting enough to publish an article I've written, or a feature about me. During the teleseminar, Jennifer King suggested researching magazines in the 2007 edition of Writer's Market. Since it's over 1100 pages, and about $30, I elected to borrow it from the library (plus, it's November--buying the 2007 version didn't seem like too good an investment!). I've found 8 magazines so far, with reader descriptions which would seem to be interested in me and/or my work. Some of them were new to me--Fifty Something and Complete Woman, to name two.

So now, the challenge is to write the pitch letter to wow the magazine editors, and compel them to contact me for more. I will also write an article, to send to smaller magazines, such as Polymer Cafe, which requests full articles and feature interviews.

I'll use the article which appeared in Raleigh's News and Observer newspaper in July of 2006 as a jumping off point. Thinking back on that experience, it was fun; the reporter and I had a 45-minute telephone conversation, a photographer came to shoot me working on a mask and some of my shadow boxes which were on my living room wall, and ten days later: the article you see here appeared. 'Hope my process is as enjoyable and successful.


Lori said…
Are you familiar with the magazine "Home of Color: The Magazine of African-American Living & Style"? If not, you might want to check it out. I pick one up every now and then. The current issue (the 5th anniversary issue) is kind of "stuffy" but typically they showcase a range of artists and styles.

Also, don't overlook some of the regional magazines. One of the things I truly love about living in North Carolina is the interest and devotion to all types of art (literary, performance, visual, etc).

A couple of months ago, I picked up a magazine I don't ordinarily read entitled "Our State: North Carolina." What piqued my interest and ultimately led me to purchase the magazine were two articles in particular--one about Nina Simone (who was born and raised 40 miles outside of Ashville) and an article about The Carolina Chocolate Drops, a trio of young African American musicians
(a fiddler, a banjo player and a guitarist) who specialize in old-time string band music.

Of course, libraries are great resources. If you haven't done so already, I'd suggest you visit the "main" branch in your area and browse their periodical shelves. Also, making friends with one of the department librarians (when the library isn't too busy) is always helpful (smile).
Sonji Hunt said…
Michelle, I'm so proud of you! This is a wonderful goal you are fulfilling. I can't wait to read about the journey.
Yes, I know about Homes of Color, in fact I just subscribed. I wish it came out more often, though. I've got 'Our State' and Charlotte magazines on my list...I figured I could finesse an article about Charlotte, given my love of your fine city (grin).
And yes, the library and I are great friends! I've also been checking out the magazine sections of Borders and Barnes & Noble--who knew there were THAT many magazines?!
Thanks for your suggestions, and your support!
Thanks so much! I'm finding it at once exhilarating and completely daunting to fly off into these new directions, but I know I've got to do it.

Thanks for keeping up with me--I really appreciate it!