Multi-tasking, multiple modes

Getting ready for the impromptu show I decided to participate in last weekend, keeping up with the three classes I teach each week, and fighting off a cold I got from one of the kids; this has been my week so far. Do I regret the decision to add this new show to the mix? A little, but I'm going into it with the attitude that I can't sell anything with my work sitting in boxes or even on my walls, that it's always good to get myself "out there," and that it's another good opportunity to scout out exhibition possibilities, since the show will be held in a museum space. In fact, it's a museum which expressed an interest in my work in July, but hasn't followed up with me since (despite my contacts attempting to establish a conversation about exhibit possibilities). So, into the experience I go, shifting gears from research, marketing, and new work development to show mode.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Wish me luck.

Until then, enjoy these beautiful amaryllis photos; they always make me think of the holidays--'have to get into that mode, too!