Thursday Thirteen #9: Thirteen 13-letter words

Here they are: A--M

1. Adventuristic--of course, a blog called Artventuring would have to start off with this one!

2. Believability--something in very short supply in Washington, these days.

3. Caulifloweret--hmmm wonder if there's a broccolifloweret too--will use it if there's ever
a Saturday Sixteen!

4. Draftsmanship--I think there should be draftwomanship, too! (a good Friday Fourteen?)

5. Echolocations--these are why bats don't bump into you at night

6. Featherbrains--see #2

7. Gawkisness--wouldn't want to be afflicted with this on Dancing with the Stars!

8. Hyperromantic--that state we're all in during the first blush of love

9. Impulsiveness--the reason for that $400 pair of shoes you bought!

10. Jollification--the other name for mall Santa training?

11. Kaleidoscopic--the kinds of colors and patterns you see when you're #8

12. Lexicologists--people like me who love words and meanings and usage.

13. Mollycoddling--who's Molly, and why does she need coddling?!

The rest of the alphabet next week.

Happy TT Everyone!

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Neptunebaby said…
Fantastic list! Happy TT!
gwapasila said…
oh my goodness, my first time to know some of this words..thanks for sharing.

Lutchi's Journal hope you can visit me too.
jenn said…
You made me laugh out loud and scare the cat!
Happy TT!
Heidi Hyde said…
Great List! Happy T. 13

amypalko said…
I love words, and some of these are just great. I'm going to try and use jollification several times before the week is out!
Thanks for visiting my TT, btw.
Christy said…
Jollification is my favorite. This is the best 13 post so far today!
i am the diva said…
Jollification is sweet! great list! c'mon over and visit mine!
Sniz said…
Believability in Washington! Great! I love it. Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!
Christine said…
Great list! My husband teases me for using "big words" and now I've got a few more for verbal fodder :D
jenn said…
Good morning! I have a "treat" for you over on my blog. Come by and grab it when you can!
Great concept for a T-13. I bet that list took a lot of time.
sohobeads said…
Great post..check my TT at Http://