Thursday Thirteen #11: 13 November Facts

Thirteen November Facts

Since November is one of my least favorite months, I thought I'd try to come up with some reasons to like it. Here's what I came up with:

1. In Mexico, November 2nd is the Day of the Dead--sound like fun?

2. In the UK, November 4th is called Mischief Night--sounds like even more fun!

3. Artist Claude Monet, composer Aaron Copland, and Prince Charles were all born on
November 14th--not sure how they all relate; 'just thought it was interesting.

4. The first Thanksgiving was proclaimed by George Washington in 1789--and
tryptophan-induced stupors begin throughout the land.

5. The month of November is the official end of hurricane season--unless you're a hockey fan
in the Carolinas, of course.

6. On television, it's "sweeps month," which means your TiVo or DVR will be working

7. It's American Indian Heritage Month--I'd love to visit the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

8. It's also National Novel Writing Month--known as "nanowrimo"--see details here.

9. The Great American Smokeout is always the third Thursday of November--11/15 this year.

10. Thanksgiving this year is on the 22nd--see #4 for turkey-eating reference.

11. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving--called that because of the rush to do holiday
shopping once the tryptophan has worn off.

12. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving--called that because of the rush to do
online holiday shopping at your desk following the long Thanksgiving weekend.

13. And, on November 30, 2004, Jeopardy's and television's all-time highest money winner,
Ken Jennings can't come up with the question "What is H&R Block?", so he leaves the show
with $2,520,700.00.

Did those facts make you feel better about November? 'Hope so!

Happy November, and Happy TT!

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Nicholas said…
I've always been fond of November, becuase it contains my birthday. Good list!
Malcolm: said…
My birthday is in November also so it hasn't been too bad for me either. I liked your reference to the Carolina Hurricanes... very clever.
Morgan Leigh said…
I've always like Nov. because my birthdays in it too. :) Nov. 21.


Love NaNoWriMo! I am so excited~ this is my first year in it.

Also? Love Black Friday.

Kendra said…
interesting list! happy TT and happy halloween!
All good things about November. Except NaNo; I have a feeling I'm going to be awfully lonely this month!

If you're doing it, I hope December 1 sees you a winner.

Happy TT!
DrillerAA said…
And November 20 is my birthday.
Lori said…
You forgot about my birthday...November 6th!! lol. Great list. Happy TT.
greatfullivin said…
I love November. All the leaves, the color, and still some warm days. Very Nice list!
Raggedy said…
Great November list...
Some bloggers were born in November as well...:)
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
jenn said…
I had a kid in November, so I like this month.
Happy TT!
SJ Reidhead said…
The Diocese of Arizona is adding Endicott Peabody to it's Liturgical Calendar on November 17. Does that count?

The Pink Flamingo
damozel said…
"Cyber Monday"? I never knew that.

My husband was born this month and it's one of the nicest of the whole year here in Florida---which sort of redeems it for me. "Nanowrimo" sounds like something from the old "Mork and Mindy" series, but I'm impressed at the way it energizes the many fine writers here.

LOVE the little monsters in the next post down...
Yen said…
Well, I hope you will find amazing things that you might consider liking this month..:) But me? I'll be giving birth to my second baby in weeks! lol So, it'll be exciting and sweet moments for us:D
Mine is up here;
Thursday Thirteen
Happy TT and Happy Halloween!
Wolfie said…
Wow..great list..thanks for sharing..
Janet said…
I'm with you on #s 8 & 10!
Bloggers said…
My daughter has been learning about day of the dead in spanish class.
Sharon said…
Very interesting. Things on here I didn't know. :) Thanks.

I enjoy Nov. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
Hope it's a good month for you!
Wakela Runen said…
Great list! I am always glad to see hurricane season end. We were breathing a sigh of relief when we found out tropical storm noel wasn't going to hit us!

Oh besides nanowrimo, there is also nablopomo as well.
Happy Birthday to all the November babies, both here and to come!

I guess I like November now, so look out for a 13 March Facts post in 4 months!

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

Happy TT!!
Holly said…
Hmmm, now I can plan my celebration for tomorrow: The Day of the Dead!

Oh gawd...forgot about turkey! It's Turkey Month

And yes, my Tivo's (read: I have three of them) will all be working very hard! Hope my favorite show Moonlight does us proud.

Rhonda said…
I like your positive attitude, and I'm glad you didn't forget the turkey :) Mine's up, so plz come by when you have a chance! Happy TT :)
UKZoe said…
Well I have lived in the UK all my life and I have NEVER heard of "mischief night".