Thursday Thirteen #10: Thirteen 13-letter words

13-Letter Words, N-Z

1. Nostalgically--how we look back at our childhoods, hopefully.

2. Oceanographer--what we all wanted to be after watching the Jacques Cousteau specials.

3. Protectresses--what we all become as soon as our kids are born.

4. Qualification--what we doubt we have, to be #3, leaving the hospital with a new baby.

5. Relandscaping--what we're all going to do next spring after this summer's drought!

6. Semicivilized--description of most playgrounds, and Congressional debates.

7. Telemarketers--dinner interrupters, unless you're on the Do Not Call List.

8. Unimpeachable--apparently, Bush is, despite a myriad of crimes and near-crimes.

9. Vaporizations--old fashioned faintings?

10. Whippoorwills--just because--what other word has 2 p's, 2 o's and 2 ll's?!

11. Xylographical--I confess to looking this one up; I thought it had to do with xylophones, but no, it refers to wood engraving--learn something new every day whether you want to or not!

12. Yellowbellied--the sapsucker's usual condition.

13. Zombification--what otherwise normal people will go through next Wednesday, prior to leaving the house in costume!

Happy Halloween, and Happy TT everyone!

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ellen b said…
I'd say about 3 of those words enter my vocabulary! Happy TT to you...
Cindy Swanson said…
What a creative TT! Loved it. :)
amy said…
NEat list..Love those!
Lori said…
Loved your definition/description of 'semi-civilized." Oh, so true (smile).

Of course, I would have used the word "sapsucker" for the letter "S." I had a grandmother who used to love to call folks "sapsuckers" when she got mad at them (LOL). Thanks for the memory.
Norma said…
Always ready to learn a new word. That X- is a new one for me! Thanks for visiting my TT
Denise Patrick said…
Cool list! I LOVE #6 - you are so on the money with that one.

Thanks for visiting my TT! Oh, and you guessed wrong, but why don't you come back and try again?
impworks said…
I particularly liked #13

Great TT :-)
Lori said…
What a great idea:) Thanks for the info. I always tell my DBF that I need to take a dictionary with me to understand least you give the definitions;) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.