Thursday Thirteen #6

Interesting Phobias

1. Chorophobia: Fear of dancing--hmm, I wonder if that includes fear of watching Dancing with the Stars? If so, I've got that!

2. Genuphobia: Fear of knees--while dancing? Yikes!

3. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables--everyone's kids claim to have this, don't they?

4. Mageirocophobia: Fear of cooking--could I feign this when I just don't feel like it?!

5. Pluviophobia: Fear of rain, or being rained on--sufferers of this should not move to Seattle!

6. Politicophobia: Fear of, or abnormal dislike of politicians--sufferers of this should not watch the news between now and November 2008!

7. Pupaphobia: Fear of puppets--don't look below!

8. Rhytiphobia: Fear of getting wrinkles--sufferers of this keep Oil of Olay and Botox in business.

9. Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens--step away from the bucket, step away from the bucket!

10. Vestiphobia: Fear of clothing--one look in my closet confirms a mis- diagnosis here!

11. Testophobia: Fear of taking tests--a) doesn't that sound like a made up one, and b) don't we all have that, to some extent?

12. Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns--more commonly known as: RonaldMcDonaldBozophobia

13. Suriphobia: Fear of mice, or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter!


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Happy TT, everyone!


Wolfie said…
Wow..I didn't know there's so many sort of phobia...
I thought maybe genuphobia would be "fear of genuflecting", which my relentlessly protestant husband definitely has.

cool list!
Xakara said…
I know someone with a fear of live chickens and someone else with a fear of clowns. The rest were new.

Thanks for the info and the smile. :)

Happy TT

jenn said…
Fear of clothing? That would be an interesting person to know!
Lori said…
Cute list. I must admit I suffer from both 1 and 6 -- though I've learned to hide them well.

When he was a toddler, my son suffered from 12. We discovered it at a parade and while he was seated atop his Dad's shoulders. The kid took one look at those clowns marching down the street and suddenly attempted to rip his poor Dad's head off.

And number 13, well, you're just wrong for that (LOL)!
Siani said…
Fascinating list. I think I suffer from rhytiphobia, judging by the small fortune I spend on L'Oreal Wrinkle Decrease products.
ivan said…
Happy T13!

This is a very interesting list! =)

Anyway, do visit my own version of T13 here at Dear Me. =)
Lori said…
Wow...I couldnt imagine #1...I love to dance. Isnt it funny what some people are afraid of?? Great list.
Brenda ND said…
Funny! Who would think there were so many fears.
Rhonda said…
Fear of CHICKENS - I like that one -- made me LOL :0 hahaha
Malcolm: said…
The only one I did know was the fear of clowns. You are right... testaphobia does sound like it's made up.
Nicholas said…
Imagine how grim life would be if you had all thirteen phobias!