Thursday 13: Thirteen Reasons I'm Glad I'm Turning 51 and not 15 in Two Days!

Kizo, Ancestress of Abundance, from the Ancestress Series shadow boxes, wood box, polymer clay mask embellished with burlap, rope, cowrie shells acrylic paint and Pearl Ex powders. 10"w x 12"h x 3.25"d. $300

13 Reasons I'm glad I'm turning 51 and not 15 in two days
  1. No braces (especially not those old school wire teeth torture chambers I endured)
  2. Choosing my own wardrobe, knowing and following my own style (though it turned out Mom was right; hot pants weren't the best fashion option, even at 15)
  3. Not caring about what other people think (decided that at 40, reaffirmed it at 50)
  4. No homework (though self-imposed deadlines are no picnic either!)
  5. Bedtime is whenever I want it to be (though those days of being a "night person" have faded away; not sure what happened there...yawn)
  6. No boyfriend hassles (my husband is devoutly grateful for that!)
  7. Long lasting female friendships (couldn't exist without 'em)
  8. Knowing how more than half of my life has turned out (I started to say half, but since I doubt I'll live to be 100, changed it!)
  9. Appreciating the small moments which make life wonderful (at 15, I was moving way too fast to do that)
  10. Learning from mistakes, knowing better and doing better (perspective is a great gift)
  11. Looking toward the future with excitement (okay, that was true at 15, too)
  12. Being able to guide my son with wisdom gained (she said, hopefully)
  13. And, since my son will be 15 next May--eeeeww, how bizarre would that be?!


Mama Pajama said…
I enjoyed your list...very thoughtful! I think I must tell you though, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." I loved that line too!
Kathy said…
What a wonderful milestone!! Celebrate every day!! And please, no more age 15 for me. Your list says it all. Happy TT!
Nancy J. Bond said…
All very good reasons--happy birthday in advance!
*Rae* said…
Great list I wouldn't want to be 15 again for anything in the world 21 yes 15 no lol Happy Early Bday hope you have a good Bday happy TT
Marcia P. said…
Maybe you would like to do another list as a B'day gift.

I have tagged you as part of the Random 8 Meme project, which is making it's way through etsy bloggers and more.

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I bet your son could come up with a list of reasons why he'll be glad to turn 15 and not 51. :-) Great list! Thanks for checking out my 13 art works. Happy Thursday.
WAHM said…
How great to be turning 51. My hubby will be turning 51 next week and he is depressed about it.

I do not know why.

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