ThursdayThirteen #1: Daily Life Frustrations We All Share

Thanks to Lori, I've learned about the Thursday Thirteen site. Seemed like a challenge to do, so here goes:

1. Cashiers who cannot figure out the change for any amount in their heads. The total is $14.80. I give him a $20 bill. Quick, what's the change? He has no idea. Heaven forbid I give $20.20. Major confusion. Incredible. What DO they teach in math these days?

2. People who do not use directional signals. Since the development of reliable ESP at all times is still a ways off, I don't just know you're about to turn right in front of me, so TURN ON YOUR SIGNAL. Thank you.

3. Computer-generated directions which take you way out of your way. Yes, you get to the destination eventually, but what were they thinking, taking you via the service road parallel to the highway--was that really the "shortest distance" you selected?

4. Blister packaging. Try getting one open without scissors. I dare you.

5. CD packaging. I understand the security concerns, but there's got to be a better solution than one which means cracking the plastic case 8 times out of 10.

6. Automated phone answering. Yes, yes, I know, it makes it easier to give out general information, but companies making it harder to get specific information or questions answered are beyond frustrating. And the phrase "Please listen to the entire message, as some of our options have changed" is usually a lie, isn't it?

7. Not being able to speak to a human being after patiently listening to all those "changed options". Hang up. Call somewhere else where they value my business enough to employ someone to answer the phone.

8. Supermarket produce bags which are impossible to open. When I'm juggling a half dozen peaches in one hand, I want to be able to whip open the bag to put them in with the other. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.

9. Annoying commercial jingles which stay in your head, sometimes for years. Pop pop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it--isn't.

10. No longer useful information which stays in your head, sometimes for years. A corollary to #9. The brain cells which are assigned to remember my telephone number from an apartment I rented during one summer during college can surely move on to another task now.

11. Cell phone ringtones. Usually annoying, sometimes embarrassing ( Even though it's a catchy and memorable oldie, Lady Marmalade's 'Voulez-vous couche avec moi, ce soir' is probably not what you'd want to have going off in the guidance counselor's office at your daughter's school conference). Whatever happened to a phone just ringing?

12. Instant message-speak used elsewhere. Ok, the commercial with the tween girl and her mother was funny, and it's where we probably all learned what a 'bff' was (best friend forever, for those not in the IM world), but other than that, IM'ing 'language' is best left to those who have no idea what to do with correction tape.

13. Needing 3 remotes to turn on the television. One for the TV itself, one for the sound, one to change the channel is two too many. I'm not advocating having to (gasp!) get up and turn it on or change the channels, but really!

I know there are many more, feel free to add your own. Happy Thursday.


Holly said…
I especially liked #12. I work for a mortgage company and it always KILLS me when I see professional emails come over with "LOL" or "OMG" or "WTF?". Who does that? It's supposed to be PROFESSIONAL!

Although, I will admit..I do sometimes have to think really, really hard before saying something, because half the time I'm thinking in IM speak. *Sigh*

I'm with you on all the rest, too. Seriously, I could have written this. haha

Happy TT!
soleil said…
i hate phone tree options as well. usually if you just press 0 it will get to you a live human. on occasion though it doesn't work because that particular company won't let you get to a live person, period.

when i was in grade school (before cell phones and text messaging) me and my friends used to say bff. we would write at the bottom of our notes and we also used L.Y.L.A.S. for love ya like a sister as well.
Norma said…
I with you on packaging. So frustrating. Cut fingers and torn fingernails, plus way too much to throw away.
FRIGGA said…
I totally agree with you on number one and two and three and six and seven and twelve... Of course way before texting and IMs and all that I had BFF's that we would manually write and pass notes to. That one's been around for a loooooonnnnnnnggggg time!

Happy TT13 - mines up at
WendyWings said…
People who do not use directional signals. Since the development of reliable ESP at all times is still a ways off, I don't just know you're about to turn right in front of me, so TURN ON YOUR SIGNAL. Thank you

ARGGGH this is SO on my top ten list,stupids lol.
Happy TT day
Luka said…
Great list! :-) Happy TT'ing! :-)
Lori said…
Funny list! I share a number of the same frustrations. But in reviewing your list it occurred to me that the answer to several of this is--a kid (either your own or one you'v borrowed from someone else *smile*).

Need a supermarket bag opened? Hand it off to the closest kid. That's the only reason I take mine shopping with me (smile). Those sticky fingers come in handy.

Same goes for the umpteen remotes. I never know which one does what. Heck, I never know what channel the program I'm looking for is on either. But you can best believe the kid does.

Hey, I wish I'd checked here yesterday. I would have added a note about your list to the end of mine . . . Hmm, maybe I'll do it anyway. These were pretty good (smile).
Mama Pajama said…
Your post made me laugh. Thanks for visiting my site. By the way, my husband and I have this thing where we talk like the stapler guy on Office's funny you mentioned that on your comment!
tammy vitale said…
my cell phone, which I have only because daughter insisted I "move into the 21st Century" and put it on her account (!) uses an old timey phone ring. It always catches people by surprise - but I use it so seldom it *must* sound like a phone or I won't respond to it!
Thanks for your comments, everyone! Thursday Thirteen is BIG fun. Can't wait to do it again this week.

And Lori, you're right, that IS why we have kids, isn't it?! LOL Or, more clearly: Laugh Out Loud! (see #12)