Thursday Thirteen #2: 13 Ways to Say Nothing

  1. Zip
  2. Zero
  3. Zilch
  4. Nil
  5. Null (or the null set, as we learned in that failed experiment called "New Math" back in the day)
  6. Nonentity
  7. Naught (or nought, depending upon the continent you're on)
  8. Void
  9. Goose Egg
  10. 0
  11. Love (in tennis only, since I think we'd all agree love is something!)
  12. Diddly Squat (or just 'diddly' or just 'squat', take your pick)
  13. Bupkis (when I looked up the correct spelling--this was one of the preferred ones, it also said this was used mainly in the Northeast US, and in Jewish communities. Since I'm a Long Island girl, born and raised, though not Jewish, it's been in my vocabulary for quite some time)
Are there any 'nothing words' I've left out?
Happy TT everyone!


Sniz said…
Hi Michelle,
Thanks for commenting on my TT! I'm an artist too...went to college to be an art teacher, but am now a SAHM homeschool teacher. I love interior design/decorating too. Your TT was really clever! Thanks for sharing.
kaykayzowie said…
I didn't realize there were so many words that mean "nothing". Great job! And, yes, I would have to agree that only in tennis love means nothing!
2boys2teach said…
scratch -

fun list! blessings, Jenn
Sniz said…
Yeah, it's tough, Michelle, but this is my fourth year and I FINALLY feel like I'm getting the hang of it. We are probably putting our 13YO in public high school next year.
FRIGGA said…
Ha, interesting list!

Happy TT13 - mines up at
amy said…
diddly squat is fun to say!
Joy T. said…
Who knew there were so many ways to say no LOL I love the last one...Bupkis. I can see me using it once in awhile now. Thanks for visiting for TT!
Lori said…
How about "nada"? Or, the extended version of "zip"--"zippety-do-dah"?
Happy TT back at ya! (smile)
Mom not Mum said…
Great list about nothing.
Damozel said…
I like "jack," as in "You don't know jack."