Living Boldly

Yesterday was my son's fourth day in his new high school, so what did he decide to do? Run for freshman class vice president. We spent last night strategizing, making up slogans, and working on his poster designs to be among the first in the hallways this morning.

I'm so proud of him for many reasons, but in this case, it's because he's decided to live boldly. Coming from his tiny charter middle school, he only knew one person in this gigantic high school (he was one of 60 in his middle school class, and now is one of 600 in his freshman class). Undaunted, he's found a way to make friends, do something good for his classmates, and learn something along the way.

When I look at my own journey as an artist, I can count on on hand (and have some fingers left over) the times I made bold decisions. I've always been cautious by nature, preferring to reason things out, plan, and move methodically to a goal. Calculated risks are okay, but "wild" risk-taking has never been my strong suit. In my comfort zone, decisions made this way have worked out pretty well, but I wonder whether living more boldly would have taken my work in a more successful direction?

Robert F. Kennedy said it well: "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

So, can I dare to fail greatly? Only time will tell, but I will endeavor to make the bolder choice, to take that leap into the unknown in the future.

And, if I falter, or think I'm losing my nerve, I'll have a great role model: my son.


tammy vitale said…
I've always been a dive in and check the depth later kind of gal - and I can tell you that, art wise, it makes no difference. Well, maybe because I kept putting raising my kids and paying my bills ahead of just going ahead and doing my art (ok so maybe the dive in thing has more to do with trouble making than art). Here's what I think: whatever way we get to where we are is exactly the way we were supposed to good. Good for your son! may he win!
Yes, I believe that too Tammy; we are where we're supposed to be. Taking those creative leaps keeps us stimulated and alive though, doesn't it? I'm feeling like I need a push off that cliff (although I sincerely hope there aren't really sharks below!), when it comes to marketing, and getting my work "out there"...that's what I'm trying to work on for the future.
And yes, I hope he wins too, but even if he doesn't, he'll have learned a great deal in the process. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
Marcia P. said…
I really appreciate the inspiration of this post Michelle. I too tend to move forward with caution. But I have come to a point where I realize that you really can't lose, not matter what. So live it all passionately!
FRIGGA said…
Good job for him (and you too!)

I came by to let you know I posted the results of last weeks 13 Q's about Jury Duty - it's up at