Report on goals, and new product

The flurry of creation is over, now it's the record-keeping, organizing, packing, last minutes before leaving time. Time to clean the polymer clay from underneath my fingernails, make sure there's no paint where it shouldn't be, switch on that selling personality, and get into show mode. But before I do, as promised, here's the report on how I did with the goals I set 8 days ago. To recap, here's what I said I'd do, and the results, in parentheses:
"My plan is to have 4 new shadow boxes, (I did 6!) 8 new clocks (I did 5) and whatever else I can manage to finish between now and product development (see below), single mirrors (I did 5), a couple more tri-mirrors (didn't do any, when I realized I still had 4) and at least one more double mask mirror (didn't get to finish this, due to a re-baking disaster on Saturday night) is what I'd like to complete. What I actually do get to finish remains to be seen, but that's my goal."
I feel like I've done a great deal, but of course, more would've been better. As my sister always says, 'custom orders are always welcomed,' which is true.

New Product Unveiling
I've all
uded to them, and now I'm ready to show them. I'm calling them Tarishi, which is the Swahili word for messenger, since they're message or photo holders. They stand approximately 7 inches tall, have copper wire spirals, wood bases, African trading bead necks, textured polymer clay faces and various designs of clay hair. They were fun to create, and they make me smile every time I see them! I created them as a 'gateway' item for my work. I can price them low enough to be very affordable, and I hope they will bring people in, and encourage them to buy. I'll let you know how it worked. We're off to Winston-Salem tomorrow, and will return on 8/6.


Lori said…
These are cute. I hope you have some on hand when you come to Charlotte (smile).
Thanks, Lori.
Of course I'll have some for Charlotte! 'Glad you like them.
Lonna said…
You write very well.