Progress report on works in progress

Okay, so that's a bid redundant, but you get the drift.

Here are the almost-finished shadow boxes (placement of mask not quite right yet) Folayan, Ancestress of Dignity's name comes from the crown and the Adinkra symbols (ram's horns--symbol of strength, humility, wisdom and learning and gye nyame--symbol of the omnipotence of God) in her fabric background. Polymer clay swirls adorn the shadow box frame, and though you can't see it very well in the photograph, they are metallic pewter.

Zahabu is the Golden Ancestress, for obvious reasons. The sankofa symbols around her are "a constant reminder the past experience must be a guide for the future. Learn or build from the past." She is golden, valuable and wise.

My reference for all things Adinkra is: The Adinkra Dictionary, A Visual Primer on the Language of Adinkra, by Bruce W. Willis.

Now, on to the next items on the goal list: single mirrors.

Have a wonderfully creative day.