The perfect place

Artist's Studio Art Print by Jan Vermeer
What's your vision of the ideal artist's studio?
What would perfect place to be creative look like?
What would you include if you could have anything you wanted?
What would you definitely leave out?

These questions are occupying my mind these days, as we get closer to the time of working on my new basement studio space. It's an unfinished space, with a concrete slab floor, and a wall of windows, facing west. That's about it so far.
So, I'm open to suggestions, wishes, dreams, etc. I've put the question to the ever-helpful Polymer Clay Central community, and I look forward to reading their responses, and yours, too!


Anonymous said…
I want Suze Weinberg's studio... It is just amazing... she has pics in her yahoo group.
Tons of storage above and below working level. Lots of counter space. Easy to clean.
I just posted about this recently on my blog. In addition to what I said there, storage is definitely key. Everything needs to have a home, or I would end up with a disaster area. I can be slob when I'm feeling creative!
Anonymous said…
I saw a studio on that just made me drool.
Wow, you're right, that is a great studio!
See it here:

Thanks for the tip.