The Perfect Place, continued

Just as I expected, Monday's questions about the ideal artist's studio have elicited some great responses here and on the Polymer Clay Central board. One of the most comprehensive (and perfect-sounding) came from Kim, also known as the 'beadyeyedbrat'. With her permission, I reproduce it here:

"This is a subject I literally dream about. How many times I've designed a studio in my head, on paper and on the computer, I can't count.

A place for everything and everything in its place but not so over-organized that I can't remember where anything is.

Main work space and chair comfortable to work with. Elbows hit the table just right and chair doesn't strain your back or your backside. Maybe a detachable magnifier.

Enough electricity to light a small city without having cords running everywhere. Translation: enough outlets where needed rather than what is easiest for the contractor.

Shelves in graduated heights so that even the giraffe has head room.

Closed and open storage. Cabinets for things you don't want to dust constantly or that you don't use every day. Open storage for what you want to put your hands on quickly and use often. Counter space for the clutter that happens despite your best intentions.

Pegboard or something like it to hang tools you use the most. It does get tiresome hunting for pokey things that stab you when you reach into the drawer.

Windows for natural light and light-colored walls to reflect as much light as possible. Plenty of Ott-light or other similar lighting that will not add blues or yellows to your work. (but it looked great in the studio!) Some lighting that is stationary for overall and some that are movable for specific tasks.

An "Inspiration Area" to put up things that catch your eye. Postcards with great artwork, photographs with awesome scenery and composition, a picture of a necklace torn out of a magazine that you love, people who make you smile and give you warm fuzzies, or a piece of wrapping paper with a color combination you want to use someday.

Sounds-a small stereo or good quality boom box with a combination of music that either rock you or calm you down, depending on mood and project. Bird or ocean sounds if that's what inspire you.

A file folder with suppliers and places you like to visit for inspiration. Paper files on a desktop with flyers and postcards, or in a computer. (darn, where did I see that cool paint?)

A comfy couch and coffee maker so I can sit back and check out what I'm working on during breaks.

An assistant who knows automatically what to clean up and what to leave alone."

Sounds, great, doesn't it? I told Kim I thought I'd just print this out, and hand it to my husband, the contractor. I also wondered about that giraffe coming to visit--'figured he/she was the necklace model!

Thanks to everyone who responded; keep the ideas coming...we begin working on it in a couple of months, once the show season's calmed down a bit, so there's still time.


Alyson B. Stanfield said…
This is great, Michelle. I'm sharing it with my Get Organized class. And I love your interview! I just found it through my Google Alerts. Very good job.
liza myers said…
I just twittered this blog @ Glimpsed from a core of clutter of an artist's life: a quest for serenity and efficiency: Thanks Alyson & Michelle