Monday Updates

Show updates:
Festival for the Eno was definitely a learning experience. Typically, it's a great show for us, and we expected the same again this year, which was our fourth consecutive year. Just goes to show how wrong we can be! Weather wasn't a factor (it's ALWAYS hotter than you-know-where that weekend!), but scheduling was. This year's event was held on Wednesday July 4th, then on Saturday and Sunday. Traffic was way down from previous years, and sales were abysmal. Repeat customers, usually a staple, were almost non-existent (yes, Alyson, I hear you, I SHOULD have had a mailing list from years past, and I SHOULD have mailed to them, to generate interest--I won't make that mistake again!), and we struggled to just make our booth fee. Most artists had the same result, which makes it a little easier to take. Note to selves: do not do Festival for the Eno in 2018--Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday=terrible sales!
The only potentially bright spot came on Wednesday, when a representative of a local exhibition space, the Hayti Heritage Center, inquired about my interest in museum exhibitions. I replied that I haven't done such a show yet, but would be interested in discussing details with her. 'Will follow up with that this week.

My work was not accepted for inclusion in the Atalaya show in South Carolina. The late-September event would've been a first-time, sight unseen show, so I'm not as disappointed about that as I am about learning I will not be called off the waiting list to participate in Artscape, Baltimore this weekend. I will have to decide whether to apply again next year. Since each year's jury is different, you just never know how your work will be received. 'Thoughts about the jury process in another post.

Other Updates:
Barrington Irving's triumphant return from his history-making solo flight around the world on Jun 27th is reported by CBS news, here. My original post, 'Inspirational Adventure' about this inspiring, 23-year old is here. His early life, his determination, his confidence, and his desire to inspire others is remarkable. Whether he is, as he "claims" the youngest African American pilot to fly solo around the world is unimportant. The fact that he chose this goal as an example to others about what it means to be determined and focused, and that he completed what he set out to do speaks volumes about him as a man. I'll be interested to see what's next for him.
Congratulations, Barrington! Well done.

'Working on an idea for a new product to take to the National Black Theater Festival in two weeks (as if I don't have enough to do!). Details as they become, back to work.