The home stretch

Short posts will be the order of the week this week. 'On the home stretch of creating product for the National Black Theater Festival which is in ten days, in Winston-Salem--the ultimate motivation: a 4-day show.

My plan is to have 4 new shadow boxes, 8 new clocks and whatever else I can manage to finish between now and then. I've got 2 of the shadow boxes basically done, and a third in progress. The one above is Niara, Ancestress of High Purpose. She is still in progress; her trade beads, fabric background and neck piece aren't in their final positions, but I like how she's looking so far. I've finished 5 of the 8 clocks, so I'm in good shape there. New product development, single mirrors, a couple more tri-mirrors and at least one more double mask mirror is what I'd like to complete. What I actually do get to finish remains to be seen, but that's my goal.

I've never been good at putting goals down on paper; I guess it's that Virgo 'all organization in the head, all the time' thing. Of course, as I get, we won't go there, right now. Suffice it to say that this post lists my goals, and I'll review my results in 9 days.

And so, to work.


Delta said…
Even unfinished, Niara is beautiful! Your colors have inspired me to drag out the half-finished mud cloth and burlap piece I started on a couple of moths ago and get it finished up.
Edmonia said…
Just read your Lewis/Whitney/Bearden post and wanted to say how beautiful your site is in design, content and spirit. I'm not a blogger so it took me a while to figure how to comment, hence out of sequence, but I wanted to add that I'm the person who "discovered" the Cleopatra and I'm always delighted when it's pictured for the world to see.

Thanks for who you are and what you do,
Marilyn R.
Thanks so much for your comment! Can you tell me more about "discovering" Edmonia Lewis's Cleopatra? That's exciting! Thanks for being a reader of Artventuring.
Edmonia said…
Until I get better at leaving posts let me give you my e-mail


I located the Cleopatra stored in a suburban Chicago mall back room in the late 1980s. There might still be some mention on-line if you Google "Edmonia Lewis," and then "Marilyn Richardson." (Henderson mistakenly calls me Robinson in the book].

I'm abour 3/4 of the way through a Lewis bio. for UNC Press . . . way over deadline.