"You can't move on and hold on at the same time"

Were the wise words I've always remembered from my favorite college professor. She's right. Moving on can be difficult, even traumatic. But, it's even more difficult--darn near impossible if you try to hold on to the old at the same time. The ordeal of moving is just that; frustrating, tedious, and very tiring. But, it's also an adventure; exciting, wondrous and very inspiring. Celebrating each emptied box, making decisions about what goes where in new rooms, and enjoying the stimulation of brand new views is just great. So, can you tell what I've been doing since my last post?! My interim studio's almost all set up, and work must get going this week, to get ready for Festival for the Eno on July 4, 7 and 8.
I'll leave you with the very visually interesting video from You Tube below, "500 years of female portraits in Western art, from DaVinci to Picasso". The morphing images of women in art are very arresting, though I lament the total lack of women of color (yes, I realize it's 'Western Art,' but what about Gaugin's Tahitian women, at least?!).