Set your DVR's

For the new PBS Series: "Craft in America: Memory, Landscape, Community," scheduled to air tomorrow, May 30th. Divided into three hourlong sections, it's described as a 'journey to the origins, artists and techniques of American crafts." You can see a short preview here. One of the artists featured is the African American basket weaver Mary Jackson, who can be seen briefly in the promotional video for the series, weaving a sweetgrass basket, similar to the one above.
I'll be watching, and recording--as I make my final preparations for Capital Jazz Fest. Enjoy!


Sonji Hunt said…
This was an excellent series. I'm so glad that they aired it in its three consecutive parts. It made my ironing so interesting and productive. I am thinking of ordering the dvd.
random notes said…
Hey Michelle, I saw the Landscape presentation the other night and was majorly impressed at how well it was produced. Getting deep into the artists mind was a great inspiration for me. Thanks for reminding me to watch it
Lori said…
I caught an hour of this series, quite by accident last night. Great stuff!

While watching the segment on the African American basket weaver, I was stuck by what a "full circle" endeavor it was. Here's this craft that came here from Africa, was exploited during slavery but reclaimed by one of the descendants. And not just simply reclaimed, but really made to work for her. Beautiful.

Oddly enough, even my non-artistic hubby seemed intrigued by some of the artists, in particular the bearded guy who made furniture and those decorative "roach" clips (LOL).