Connections and Transitions

While artventuring around the Internet recently, interesting connections resulted. Upon finding my blog, Ri Henson of Riclectic asked me to become a part of hers, which showcases the work of African Americans in the interior design and home decor fields. Of course, I readily agreed, and you can see the wonderful results, here, thanks, Ri! And, as a result of reading her blog, I've contacted another about featuring my work...I'll let you know if anything comes of that. One of my customers at Art & Soul of South End read a comment I made on another blog, and contacted me...we're planning to meet when I go to Charlotte again in September. And, in "real life," I brought together two women who are friends of mine who didn't know each other, and it turns out they know someone in common...connections again.

On the application front, I'm done for awhile, and maybe for the year! Last week was Atalaya in South Carolina via, and Festival in the Park in Charlotte. Both are in September, on successive weekends, and I'll need the month of October, w
ith no shows scheduled to recover!

We've taken the plunge, in preparation for our upcoming outdoor summer show season, and ordered a new tent! After doing some research we decided to go with the Trimline Canopy from Flourish Company. It will arrive early next week, and will begin another transition for our display. We started with a basic EZ-Up tent (doesn't everyone?!), with two tables, and what I thought were very cool paper banners. Our first outdoor show was Artsplosure in Raleigh, and until it rained, the display worked well. Once the deluge began, we learned that paper inside the tent might look cool, but is utterly destroyed by water (yes, we knew it before, but to actually see all that work literally go down the drain was not pleasant). The 'live and learn' adage applied here quite strongly. We changed the display for the next outdoor venture, which was Festival for the Eno the next summer (this year will make our 4th at this great show), in Durham. We replaced the paper with vinyl flooring--we painted the Adinkra symbols on the four gessoed front sides of the flooring panels, and painted the back sides as a neutral background for my work. The panels were suspended from the supports inside the tent. They repelled rain, looked great, and we used this solution successfully in several shows.
Each show presents new challenges. For Artscape, Baltimore last summer, which required that we share a 10'x40' tent with two other artists, my husband constructed customized easels t
o display my Ancestress shadow boxes since we couldn't use the Adinkra panels. The easels worked well, too, although they required a fair amount of time to construct on-site. Here we sat, in a rare quiet moment at that show, which was a fantastic experience; one I hope we'll be able to repeat this year--keeping my fingers crossed to be able to participate--'still on the waiting list.
This year, we ventured into the arena of indoor shows, which necessitated the purchase of ProPanels. I've shown this setup before. They also worked well outdoors, under our old tent in Charlotte. Capital Jazzfest will be the first outdoor show where we'll use the new tent, electricty (show hours end at 10pm!) and the ProPanels all together. Photos to come!