What inspires you?

I like to say everything inspires me. And, in a way, it's true. Like most artists, I see patterns, textures and colors in everything, and what I observe often ends up in my work, sometimes when I least expect it. Color combinations especially resonate with me. This weekend, while attending the members' opening for the new North Carolina Museum of Art exhibition: Temples and Tombs, Treasures of Egyptian Art From the British Museum, I was also struck by the beauty and simplicity of the forms and shapes of ancient objects. And, by the familiarity of this technique:
This glass fish was created in the 18th dynasty (c. 1363–46 BC), and its scales remind me of combed paste paper, or millefiore polymer clay!
Also astounding were the small wooden sculptures which have surviv
ed almost 4500 years.

While we were there, we also browsed among the upstairs gall
eries, and I was especially inspired by the color combinations in this piece by John Thomas Biggers
(American, 1924 - 2001) Untitled, 1994. I love the juxtaposition of the warm red-orange with the icy blue, surrounded by the earthy browns. Gives me ideas for a new clock/mirror set. Time to get to work.

So, what inspires you? Do you see things and think about how they could translate into what you're working on? Do you let them percolate awhile then are you surprised when they surface? Are you constantly amazed at what can provide inspiration?

I know I am.