Let's go Artventuring!

Today is the launch of what I hope will be an interesting, informative and enjoyable blog. I've been thinking of creating one for awhile, and have made a commitment to my Art Salon group to launch it, so here it is.

is my vision of the creative life; having adventures on the journey which is the creative process, and I love Maya Angelou's quote about treating life as art.

also means discovering talented people around the world who are engaged in creating beautiful things. Interviews to come, at least once a week.

I'll also share information about my own work; I create mixed media shadow boxes, masks, clocks and mirrors inspired by the colors, textures and symbols of Africa. (How's that for a 10-second introduction?) I sell my work primarily through art shows and festivals. My company name is Jordan's Treasures (time for a new name; more about that in later posts), and you can see more of my work here: http://www.jordanstreasures.net/ The photo above is one of my mask wall hangings from the Ancestress Series: 'Oboto, Ancestress of Serenity'.

And, as the time approaches, I'll share the joys and challenges of being an art show promoter, as I prepare to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Festival Noir this December.

So, please join me in Artventuring; a journey of discovery.