Countdown to Charlotte

I have 9 days to work before packing up for my next show, which is Art & Soul of South End, in Charlotte, NC. It's an outdoor show I haven't done before, but I've heard and read good things about it, liked their website presentation, and decided I needed to 'take a leap' and give it a try. It fits the profile of shows I've decided to concentrate on: juried, focused on art (vs. craft and the dreaded buy/sell), and in an area that's potentially receptive to what I do. I also like that there are two, separate areas of the show; the Avenue of the Arts, which is the juried area of 100 artists, and the Art & Soul Original Block Party, the non-juried section. There'll be prizes awarded in the Avenue of the Arts--wouldn't it be nice to win one?--just putting it out there...
My category, mixed media, is usually quite diverse; it'll be interesting to see my competition. Working with polymer clay, acrylic paints, Pearl Ex powders, rubber stamping, beading, and handmade paper sets me apart; I've never seen anyone else do what I do.

So, it's time to get to it....I hear unfinished clocks, mirrors and masks calling my name. 'Will show some works in progress soon.